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Dr Bhatia is a Board Certified Physician and Author, specializing in the field of psychiatry. She has served as a faculty member at Harvard and Dartmouth medical schools. Her practice approach is evidence based, compassionate and comprehensive, taking into account the unique biological, psychological and social factors that can contribute to an individual's mental health condition. Her expertise is in the area of psychiatric assessment, medication management and psychotherapy.

           Over the years, Dr Bhatia has worked with thousands of wonderful individuals and families, who have been             her patients. Dr Bhatia approach is centered in evidence, acceptance and empathy. Dr Bhatia works                         diligently with each individual to understand their suffering, concerns, goals, motivations in life, and                       unresolved emotions/emotional conflicts. Her background and experience with various                                               psychotherapy modalities, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness based stress reduction                     therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, allows her to do so. Her additional training in child and                             adolescent psychiatry enables her to additionally understand her patients'                                                                    mental health from a developmental  perspective. She has extensive training and experience in evaluating               and treating people of all ages. Her particular areas of expertise are mood disorders and anxiety                               disorders. 

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    Because There is 'No Health Without Mental Health'

    In an evidence-based and easy to understand format,

    Dr  Bhatia's book answers questions on various topics          related to psychiatric disorders and their treatments. 

Almost one out of every family of 4 will suffer from a psychiatric or neurological disorder at some point. Yet, awareness about psychiatric disorders and their treatments is lacking. Moreover, myths abound. 

Dr Bhatia's book sheds much needed light on the evidence behind various mental health conditions and their treatment options.

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'Dr. Bhatia has been way beyond amazing. She has been able to work with me over the last couple months, which has shown me a very different and exciting perspective. The tools she has been able to discuss in a few short visits have been very helpful. If anyone has ever been nervous about the process of therapy, Dr. Bhatia will make you feel right at home and never overwhelmed.'

                          -A Patient

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