As a board certified psychiatrist, author and speaker, Dr Bhatia is regularly invited to share her expert opinion on psychiatry with various news and media outlets. Dr Bhatia sheds light on various topics, especially those related to depression, anxiety disorders. Dr Bhatia is actively involved in mental health advocacy to reduce stigma and enhance awareness so that suffering individuals around the world seek treatment in a timely manner, and also so that individuals are equipped with evidence based knowledge to recognize the warning signs of mental illness as well as to advocate for themselves. 

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                 CNBC:  When it's all too much, here's how to quell coronavirus anxiety,                           according to experts





                  US News and World Report: Can Coffee and Nicotine Contribute to Your                        Anxiety? 




                  The Guardian:   Is there a right way to worry about coronavirus? And other                      mental health tips







                   AARP:                      How to Prevent and Control a Panic Attack. 




                   Esperanza:               Depression & Anxiety: Double Trouble.                                                                                                                 





                   Deseret News: 'You'll never be good enough.' How anxiety lies to our girls                     and what you can do about it.




                  Refinery 29: 'Here's what depression can do to your body'.








          Healthy Ways to Cope with the Added Financial Stress of

                  the Holiday Season.



                  Medium: Expert opinions on Loneliness. 





                  Prevention: What Psychologists and Psychiatrists Want You to Know 

                                       About Anxiety Right Now


                  Sharecare:  Coping with Mental Illness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

                       CNBC: How to talk about your mental health at work when everything is 

                                    stressing you out. 


                    Architectural Digest: How to provide help when you live with a depressed 





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