‘What’s missing in our pursuit of happiness’? TEDx Yeshiva University, New                                                           York,November 2017

                           Podcast:  Managing Anxiety During COVID-19, with Dr Richa Bhatia, MD.

                           The Redesigning Wellness Podcast




                          Other Talks:


                           ‘Parental Leave: Luxury or Necessity?’

                            American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting, 2018, New York City. May 9, 2018.

                            Role: Chair of Workshop.

                           ‘Cultural Competency and Cultural Nuances: How to Avoid Treatment Failures and                                             Professional Burnout’.Discussant of Workshop. American Psychiatric Association’ s                                             Annual Meeting, 2018, New York City, May 8, 2018.

                           Grand Rounds Speaker. The Role of Sleep Disorders in Psychiatric Presentations.                                                 Princeton Behavioral Health, Feb 2018. 

                           Expert Speaker. ‘What’s New in Medications?’ Harvard Medical School Continuing                                               Medical Education (CME) conference on Schools and Mental Health. November, 2017.

                           Grand Rounds Speaker. Suicide in Childhood and Adolescence. Mary Washington                                               Hospital, Fredericksburg, Virginia, July 2011

                           Grand Rounds Speaker. Smith Magenis Syndrome: Management and Diagnostic
                           Implications, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Children’s National                                               Medical  Center, Washington DC, 2012

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